The Stench vs Gilligan

Its sad when running-mates resort to name calling?  Several reports out today claimed that the Ryan camp was calling Romney “The Stench” and the Romney camp was calling Ryan “Gilligan”.

Mitt Antoinette

Dr Evil?

Is Murdoch Dr Evil?  I never liked the way News Corp did business, but I never expected to this extent.  Good luck Rupert, but it looks like things are starting to crack at the foundations.

Corporate Activists

We won’t get political much around here at Your Daily Cheesesteak, but this past weeks Supreme Court decision has us flapping our gums.   Where do we start?….it has so many levels.  In our point of view this is a major set back to individual rights.  Every class action suit in the country is going to be undermined now.  Last years decision that allows corporate funding to political candidates along with this blatantly gives corporations and business more rights than the individual.  Owners and executives of business now have more rights than individual persons.   Is this what we want in this country?   It seems to me in one sweeping decision that the Supreme Court has enacted TORT reform and setback the rights of women and all workers in this country.

Is this the ‘snowball’ getting bigger and bigger?  Wisconsin and New Jersey curtailing union rights to collective bargain and then the Supreme Court smacking down class-action suits?  My guess is it’s only the beginning.

Corporations have played the American worker and the middle class like a fiddle the past 40+ years, working conditions and rights that took lives and years to overcome have been stripped and yet they want more.  They have their game down to a science, playing it well on every front, especially the media.   And the mainstream media seems to have no clue at all or they are part of the movement.  Well duh!!  Most  of the freakin’  mainstream media is owned by the mega-corporate world.

CEO salaries to average workers salaries at the widest disparity in 80+ years, salaries stagnant for 40 years, unemployment close to 10%, mankind in this a country should be ashamed of itself.

Does everyone really want to live in a corporate run country?

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Yo’ Geno

Yo momma, yo house, yo ‘hood, nothing is safe from Whiz Wit’.  Stay tuned for more.

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