Reading Viaduct Redux

_DSC6989bIt’s been a busy several months over this past winter.  More and more shoots popping up, each requesting some type of dramatic backdrop.  So Lori and I headed out on Saturday to scope out some choice spots, shoot them and then get photos back to models and others to sift out what places worked for who.   Our list included three sites, the Richmond Coal Wharves at Pier 18, the Reading Viaduct and the so called Reading Tunnel.

This was our third time to the Viaduct. Since we were here last the tracks have been removed and the ties are in piles.  Most of the overgrowth has been  cut back and the tree uprooted.   Still this is one of the most dramatic unknown spots in Philadelphia, with fantastic views of Center City and the surrounding urban landscape.  For more info on the Viaduct check out this website.

This site really appealed to us, but the model and choreographer/costume designer chose the Reading Tunnel.  Which worked out just freakin’ fine, so check out our photos from the Reading Tunnel with Courtney Lepresi and Gunner Montana.

Reading Viaduct Gallery:

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Floral Philly

Another spring announces it’s arrival with the Philadelphia International Flower 2012 at the Convention Center.  If you missed this year’s event, “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha”, it was an oasis of horticultural bliss.  Stunning and tranquil displays get your landscaping juices flowing, competitions to peruse of people who grow cooler plants than you do, and a vendor marketplace to buy all the plants and seeds that you’ve convinced yourself you are suddenly able to cultivate perfectly just because you were there.

The Reading Viaduct

The first warm day after a long winter in Philly, and Paul pulls to the side of the road.  “I’ve got a photo op, but you’ve got to climb”.  So I grabbed my camera, and we climbed.

Past a couple of makeshift shelters for the homeless, up the side of a gravel hill littered with broken glass and garbage, and we find ourselves on the abandoned railroad tracks of The Reading Viaduct, a combination of urban decay, industrial structures and sweeping city views forgotten by all but the underbelly of the city’s homeless, and a group of citizens who’s goal is to preserve and rebuild it.  In 1838 The Philadelphia and Reading Railroad started construction on a line that would run from Broad and Callowhill Streets, cross the Schuykill in Fairmount Park and run on the West side of the Schuylkill through West Manayunk.

The Viaduct, which carried trains into Center City for almost 100 years, is an elevated train track just north of Center City. Beginning at Vine Street, between 11th and 12th, flows north from Chinatown to Callowhill Street where it branches to the west and northeast.

The Reading Viaduct Project hopes to reclaim it as a public space similar to New York City’s High Line

As part of Philly Spring Clean up, they are sponsoring a cleanup of the of the areas around and under the Reading Viaduct on Saturday April 2, 2011 from 9am to noon.

For more info on the cleanup
Reading Viaduct News

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