BBoy BBQ Philly Style

Saturday, June 11th, the 10th annual BBoy BBQ landed in West Philly for a full day of “Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun”.  The Bboy BBQ started here in Philly and has since become a world wide event, featuring all aspects of the hip hop community including graffiti artists, emcees, break dancing, deejays and the Illadelph Phlave 1 VS 1 BBoy Battle.  An event for all ages, in the tradition of old skool block parties, the event, hosted by 84 Crew brought on free performances by artists such as Tuff Crew, Outdoorsmen, Karniege, Buddy Leele, Schoolly D, Skratch, Makaniks Crew, Mike Nyce, Too Tuff and more.

Not to mention a jerk chicken that could rock your world.

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