Beauty + Brains / Burlesque + Variety = Win!

Beauty + Brains / Burlesque + Variety = Win!


Picture this: It‚Äôs the first Wednesday of the month. You have a choice ‚Äď a night with your favorite Doctor, deciding between Firefly or Serenity, boldly going where none have gone before‚Ķ OR

Celebrating Geek Chic and the Variety Arts at the Raven Lounge!

Enjoy a nerdy martini or a C++ cocktail and check out some of the best in Burlesque and the Variety acts with a +1 keen eye to all sci-fi, fantasy, comic and brainy, geeky goodness. This city is so full of amazing talent you’ll wish you had 30 lives. 

This month we‚Äôre bring in some amazing out of town performers alongside local starlets. Fresh from Steampunk Worlds Fair, we’re bringing you live music from The Wandering Cellist (NYC). ¬†Andria Noir of the legendary Lux Arati is bringing technical fan dace to the stage. Our shiny burlesque ensemble features special guest, the sweetest bottom in the district miss Cherie Sweetbottom (DC). Representing Philadelphia, the bad ass of burlesque and producer of the Sexploitation¬†Follies, Miss Rose. Experience the burlesque debut of Aly Katz, who will also serve as our stage invader for the evening. Miss Eyrie Twilight will be takin’ it off and keeping it going.¬†

Our raffle is full of local event tickets and shiny prizes at bargain basement pricing! This month we’re giving away – 2 tickets to The Aviary (, passes to Dr.Sketchy’s Philadelphia, Something shiny from Steampunk Black Sheep, Vintage comics and much more!¬†

What are you waiting for? Get out to The Raven Lounge and TALK NERDY TO ME!

Doors at 8:30pm show at 9pm

The Raven Lounge
1718 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA

Sponsored by 
Dr.Sketchys Philadelphia
Skola Entertainment
Steampunk BlackSheep (
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Miss Wynter Heats it Up



Find more Courtney Lapresi at Black White and Raw

We first met Miss Wynter during last year’s Fringe Festival as one of the bevy of beauties in Gunnar Montana’s “Rub“.¬† It seemed to be a match made in some sort of deliciously erotic hell.¬†¬† Little did we know, that the stunningly beautiful dancer swinging in her giant heart shaped lyra, was none other than the winner of Delilah’s Entertainer of Year, 2012.¬†A dark haired, fair skinned, classically trained ballet dancer, she has a wicked sense of humor which instantly reminds you that there happens to be a very bright girl hiding behind those long, elegant lines.¬† Enter Gunnar Montana.¬† Dancer, choreographer, visual artist…and lover of all things gutteral, disgusting and dirty.¬† Then put the two together.¬† Pure magic.

When Gunnar called saying he needed some photos of a dancer he was working with, we had no idea who he was about to show up with.¬† The pair arrived, bundled up for the much publicized “winter storm”.¬† Even in her earmuffs and sneakers, we were thrilled to get the duo to the dirtiest, non windy spot we could think of.

After trudging through the pitch black darkness and filthy debris, terrified of running into anyone else stupid enough to be there, Miss Wynter didn’t miss a beat.¬† She strapped on her 9 inch glittery stilettos, wriggled into her feathers, kicked aside a gas can and suddenly became a sexy, winged creature which instantly warmed the very air around us.

In “RISE OF PHOENIX”, Gunnar Montana has transformed his muse for this year’s Entertainer of the Year competition at Delilah’s with feathers, rhinestones and fire, in what she promises to be dangerously sensuous. ¬† Can she retain her title?¬† We’re sure of it.¬† Don’t miss this one.¬† We’ve seen her up close and in filth.¬† She’s the real deal.


Pensylvania Burlesque Festival 2013

From the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival Website:


AND NOW! Gear up for the 2013 PA Burlesque Festival. We rock Philadelphia on March 8 and 9 at the historic Plays and Players Theatre with “FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT” and “THE BIG REVEAL.”

TICKETS are on sale NOW for both shows. Order them HERE and don’t wait! Our last show was 100% sold out!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2013 PA Burlesque Festival has pledged to donate a portion of its proceeds to Habitat for Humanity’s Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund.

Through an online fundraising campaign, we are asking our fans to help us cover our $3,000.00 in performer hotel expenses so that we, in turn, can donate that same amount or more from our ticket proceeds. We are also accepting non-perishable food donations at both shows, to be collected by the New Jersey FoodBank. Please consider helping us meet our fundraising goal by donating through the link below. There are great perks involved, including front section tickets to both shows!



Deanna Danger won the Crystal Corset Award for 2012, and we’re proud to announce that she will headline the PABF’s “FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT” on March 8. Deanna will also sit upon our panel of Judges for “THE BIG REVEAL” on March 9.

Deanna has a classically trained dance background, reaching all the way back to 3 years of age. She learned ballet from students of Martha Graham, tap from former Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and musical theater from original Broadway cast members of ‚ÄúCats‚ÄĚ and the movie ‚ÄúDirty Dancing.‚ÄĚ

Her sometimes dangerous, always crowd-pleasing performances have graced stages from her home, Richmond, Virginia, up and down the east coast to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Tennessee, and North & South Carolina. She has performed all over Richmond and with many of the east coast’s best acts & troupes including, Wasabassco Burlesque out of NYC, Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey, and Angie Pontani & the World Famous Pontani Sisters. She was also chosen to perform in the 2010 New York Burlesque Festival as well as the 2011 Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival, Charleston Burlesque Festival, and Asheville Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival.


Burlesque legend Penny Starr Sr. arrives for a special performance in “FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT” and willjudge “THE BIG REVEAL!

2013 Tattoo Convention


Was it really only 2 years ago that we were sitting on the floor of the Sheraton¬† Hotel for Troy Timpel’s Tattoo Arts Convention, close enough to photograph the sword as it slipped past Betty Bloomerz’s uvula?¬† It was.¬† And what a difference 2 years and the Pennsylvania Convention Center makes.

This past weekend marked Troy and his Villian Art’s 15th Annual Tattoo Arts Convention, and it was truly spectacular.¬† With it’s thriving tattoo community, the Philly convention has become a virtual Who’s Who of tattoo artists.¬†¬† Philly convention regulars like Don “MF’ Juan, Permanent Mark, Myke Chambers and Chris Torres were joined by an array of reality tattoo show hotties like¬† Meghan Massacre, Amy Nicoletta, and Sarah Miller.

Entertainment was above and beyond anything we’ve seen at the past shows.¬† Tattoo contests were huge this year.¬† Our favorite Clown Babe Reverend Mackenzie Moltov and her fellow babes were on hand for arials, and general sideshow awesomeness.¬† Suspensions, burlesque and pin-ups, oh my!¬† I did miss the Rigor Mortis Review this year, and that made me sad, but Scarlett Storm managed to walk around naked all night, and that’s never a bad thing.¬†¬† Somehow I also missed my favorite throw back to the days of Coney Island tattoos, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, but that’s ok.¬† I still have my signed copy of “Tattooing, The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie” from last year, in case I forget about his trials and tribulations punctuated by bouts of Syphilis.

I love the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.¬† I love seeing the art.¬† I love watching the artists.¬† I love the colors of the ink and the tools for sale.¬† I love the glares sometimes get when we get when we photograph the artists.¬† I love being surrounded by thousands of people who agree that every one looks hotter with ink.¬† When I got my first tattoo, my artist said “Welcome to the Club”.¬† Gotta say, this is the greatest membership ever!

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Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2013

This is the 15th year of the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention and the second year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The available artist’s booths are already sold out. More tattoo celebs this year as well as artists and entertainment. If you live in Philly and you’re into ink and other body art, this is a must do event.

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2013

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Tattoo Convention Philadelphia

This years Tattoo Convention was bigger and better than ever.¬† The skin ink convention moved to it’s new digs in the Pennsylvania Convention Center providing much needed room to wander the aisles.¬† This years event brought several stars from the tattoo reality television shows.¬† Megan Massacre, Jessica Gahring, Chris Torres, Permanent Mark and Amy Nic0lleto.¬† Entertainment was freaky as ever from the Freak Kings to the Rigor Mortus Revue and everything in between.

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Tattoo Heaven

1_2Still kicking yourself for missing it last year?¬† Fear not, the annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is back and more badass than ever.¬† Surround yourself with an impressive array of artists from around the country, from local superstars such as¬†Don “MF” Juan of Tattoo Eddie’s fame, to anti Kat Von D vixen Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink.¬† After getting your ink,¬†catch some of the finest burlesque babes¬†and tattooed freaks that underground¬†Philly has to offer, from the classic¬†Olde City Sideshow folks¬†to¬†Philly¬†fav Penguin¬†Boy of¬†The¬†Freak Kings to our personal guilty pleasure, The Rigor Mortis Review.¬† For those of the female tattoo persuasion, check out the casting call for “Tattooed Wives” a pilot for a¬†new reality show looking for the ultimate tattooed chicks.¬† Last year we were¬†fortunate enough to meet the man who started it all, Philadelphia Eddie.¬† Who, when we proudly showed off our ink from one of his shops, just shook his head, and with his¬†trademark dead pan comic genius said “I’m sorry”.

For more info, check out