Hawk makes rat kill in Rittenhouse Square

dinner on rittenhouseI spent about 15 minutes in Rittenhouse Square today, I ate two slices of crappy pizza, where the hell is the good pizza in this town?  Anyway as I was leaving to head back to work, I came across this hawk that had just killed a rat.  Typical lunch in Rittenhouse.  One woman walked by just as the hawk took off with the rat and started freaking out, she actually stopped a car on the west side of the park to ask if the driver had just seen that.

South Street Bridge Reopening

Nutter addresses the crowd

South Street Bridge had it’s reopening this past Saturday, Nov. 6th 2010.  Mayor Nutter, Chaka Fattah, Anna Verna, Terry Gillian, Jannie Blackwell attended as well as other politicians, city dept. managers, bridge dignitaries and several hundred people from the neighborhood.  Sidewalks are nice and wide, bike lanes in both directions, pedestrian friendlier lights and crosswalks, improved lighting at night.  South Street Bridge is good for another 100 years.

Bridge View

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