Stayin’ Weird

Since the mid 1980’s the South St area has been slowly trending to corporate retail and food.   Seemingly to edge closer and closer to a suburban mall.  I figured at some point they would put a roof on and then populate with seniors in big white sneakers doing exercise laps.  The days of places like Zipperhead are long gone.    The funk the punk and the art slowly ground down.  Jim’s Steaks and few others have survived and just when you thought all was lost Tattoo Eddies 621’s own Professor Ouch takes it in another direction.   What makes things “cool”?  What makes things “collectible”?  It’s hard to put into words, but Professor Ouch has put together art, toys and many many odd objects into a store called Bizarre Bazaar Odditorium at 720 S 5th St that I would describe as a bunch of pretty cool shit.   Many items brought in on consignment are interesting but the real weird items are from his own collections, conjoined twin baby skeletons, a real mummy and the ever elusive as well as legendary inaccurate beauty of a mermaid.  It’s only about 18 inches long damn damn ugly.   There’s a headless Hummel collection, sideshow canvases, toys from all eras, weird figurines, aliens in jars, all kinds of pig statues, vintage Playboys and Popular Mechanics, circus posters and much much more cool shit.

I’m heading back in a few days to haggle over some vintage sideshow canvases.  Don’t know why I like them so much but I must have one or maybe two.   Is this where it starts?  Anyway the South St area just got several notches more interesting  and it’s going to be a blast to stop in regularly and see what his latest offerings are.

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Freaks,  geeks,  sword swallowers,  fire eaters and so much more violate the stage again this friday night at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum.  It’s Carnivolution presented by the The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow.

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Ancient Arts

Freaks,  geeks,  sword swallowers,  fire eaters and more returned to the city of brotherly love on May 11th, 2012 at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum.  It’s Carnivolution presented by the The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow.  Jelly Boy T. Clown, Betty Bloomerz “Sideshow Doll of Darkness”, Mattersz Squidling the Impenetrable Music Man, The Illustrated Penguin and many others.

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Philly’s High Flying Teen

Meet Rose Bonjo.

Trapeze Artist, Circus Performer, Dancer, Costume Designer, Photographer

and High School Student.

The following photos are all self portraits, taken by Rose with her Nikon D60, an 18-55 lens with High definition 0.45x wide angle attachment, a tripod with 10 second timer on camera, and the agility of a cat.  Rose designs and makes her own costumes, does her own hair and makeup, all of her own post-processing, and still manages to find time to do her math homework.

Kind of makes your bathroom mirror selfies look a little silly now, dosen’t it?

Here’s a preview of the lovely Rose

or you can buy her costumes here

But to if you want to see her live, you must check out Carnivolution, an odd assortment of sideshow freaks, geeks, sword swallowers and more, at

The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum
Friday May 13 8pm $10
3819 Hamilton St.

Catch her before she flies away!

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