Miss Wynter Heats it Up



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We first met Miss Wynter during last year’s Fringe Festival as one of the bevy of beauties in Gunnar Montana’s “Rub“.  It seemed to be a match made in some sort of deliciously erotic hell.   Little did we know, that the stunningly beautiful dancer swinging in her giant heart shaped lyra, was none other than the winner of Delilah’s Entertainer of Year, 2012. A dark haired, fair skinned, classically trained ballet dancer, she has a wicked sense of humor which instantly reminds you that there happens to be a very bright girl hiding behind those long, elegant lines.  Enter Gunnar Montana.  Dancer, choreographer, visual artist…and lover of all things gutteral, disgusting and dirty.  Then put the two together.  Pure magic.

When Gunnar called saying he needed some photos of a dancer he was working with, we had no idea who he was about to show up with.  The pair arrived, bundled up for the much publicized “winter storm”.  Even in her earmuffs and sneakers, we were thrilled to get the duo to the dirtiest, non windy spot we could think of.

After trudging through the pitch black darkness and filthy debris, terrified of running into anyone else stupid enough to be there, Miss Wynter didn’t miss a beat.  She strapped on her 9 inch glittery stilettos, wriggled into her feathers, kicked aside a gas can and suddenly became a sexy, winged creature which instantly warmed the very air around us.

In “RISE OF PHOENIX”, Gunnar Montana has transformed his muse for this year’s Entertainer of the Year competition at Delilah’s with feathers, rhinestones and fire, in what she promises to be dangerously sensuous.   Can she retain her title?  We’re sure of it.  Don’t miss this one.  We’ve seen her up close and in filth.  She’s the real deal.


Reading Viaduct Redux

_DSC6989bIt’s been a busy several months over this past winter.  More and more shoots popping up, each requesting some type of dramatic backdrop.  So Lori and I headed out on Saturday to scope out some choice spots, shoot them and then get photos back to models and others to sift out what places worked for who.   Our list included three sites, the Richmond Coal Wharves at Pier 18, the Reading Viaduct and the so called Reading Tunnel.

This was our third time to the Viaduct. Since we were here last the tracks have been removed and the ties are in piles.  Most of the overgrowth has been  cut back and the tree uprooted.   Still this is one of the most dramatic unknown spots in Philadelphia, with fantastic views of Center City and the surrounding urban landscape.  For more info on the Viaduct check out this website.

This site really appealed to us, but the model and choreographer/costume designer chose the Reading Tunnel.  Which worked out just freakin’ fine, so check out our photos from the Reading Tunnel with Courtney Lepresi and Gunner Montana.

Reading Viaduct Gallery:

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Tattooed Pin Up at Tattooed Mom


It was cold.  Seriously cold.  For those who don’t know, Paul and I don’t just cover “all things Philly”.  We have a Photography Studio, Black, White and Raw Photography, in which we photograph everyone from models to psycho sideshow clown babes.  One of the models we’ve photographed several times is Philly Pin Up Model, Nikki Doll.  We had photographed Nikki in our studio, and in Laurel Hill Cemetary.  But where to go on a cold day with a scantily clad pin-up?    I wanted to do something a little different with Nikki.  Most of the photographers who shoot her tend to go for the cheese.  I understand that.  Adorable pin-up girls with tattoos doing retro shoots.  Bright colors, cutesy themes, it’s a win win.  But one of things I love about Nikki, is her dark side.  The punk kid under the pink hair.  The girl who’s probably lived a life that’s not all roses and baking cookies.  I wanted to make retro cool.

Enter Tattooed Mom.  The local bar on South Street with a jaw dropping collection of street art.  A diverse community of tattoo artists, musicians and models who get together for food, drinks and…candy.  A dive bar where you can drop in and catch a group of punks drinking local brew and making Valentine’s day cards.  With a kitchen that’s open till 1:30 am and a calendar that’s packed full with everything from book readings, to zombie crawls to Beard and Mustache competitions, we found the bar to be more welcoming than any venue we’ve been to in a long time.

As huge fans of graffiti, the upstairs was perfect.  With it’s 2 pool tables, bright red bar and rooms covered from floor to ceiling in graffiti, our only problem was having the time to photograph our model in every nook and cranny we could find.  We can’t wait to go back for a late night snack and a drink.  I know we’ll be warmly welcomed, even without a half-dressed pin up model!

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2013 Tattoo Convention


Was it really only 2 years ago that we were sitting on the floor of the Sheraton  Hotel for Troy Timpel’s Tattoo Arts Convention, close enough to photograph the sword as it slipped past Betty Bloomerz’s uvula?  It was.  And what a difference 2 years and the Pennsylvania Convention Center makes.

This past weekend marked Troy and his Villian Art’s 15th Annual Tattoo Arts Convention, and it was truly spectacular.  With it’s thriving tattoo community, the Philly convention has become a virtual Who’s Who of tattoo artists.   Philly convention regulars like Don “MF’ Juan, Permanent Mark, Myke Chambers and Chris Torres were joined by an array of reality tattoo show hotties like  Meghan Massacre, Amy Nicoletta, and Sarah Miller.

Entertainment was above and beyond anything we’ve seen at the past shows.  Tattoo contests were huge this year.  Our favorite Clown Babe Reverend Mackenzie Moltov and her fellow babes were on hand for arials, and general sideshow awesomeness.  Suspensions, burlesque and pin-ups, oh my!  I did miss the Rigor Mortis Review this year, and that made me sad, but Scarlett Storm managed to walk around naked all night, and that’s never a bad thing.   Somehow I also missed my favorite throw back to the days of Coney Island tattoos, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, but that’s ok.  I still have my signed copy of “Tattooing, The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie” from last year, in case I forget about his trials and tribulations punctuated by bouts of Syphilis.

I love the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.  I love seeing the art.  I love watching the artists.  I love the colors of the ink and the tools for sale.  I love the glares sometimes get when we get when we photograph the artists.  I love being surrounded by thousands of people who agree that every one looks hotter with ink.  When I got my first tattoo, my artist said “Welcome to the Club”.  Gotta say, this is the greatest membership ever!

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Tiberino Murals at the Municipal Services Building

Gabe Tiberino murals at the  Municipal Services Building

Gabe Tiberino murals at the Municipal Services Building

We found ourselves over by City Hall for the first time in a while,  we were passing through Love Park when we noticed artists Gabe and Joe Tiberino’s series of murals on the exterior wall of the Municipal Services Building.  We wanted to get over here when Gabe and Joe were still working on them but never made it.  Fantastic addition to the area and definitely Tiberino work, but how many faces can you recgonize in them?

Gabe Tiberino Murals at the Municipal Services Building

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Beyond Ghosts at ESP

dsc5360bThere are few places creepier, colder than Eastern State Penitentiary. But shooting with Lily Cheshire the place warmed up quite a bit.  Meghan Cox was the MUA.

Mummers Parade 2013


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Contact High

Washington and Colorado legalized it this past election cycle.  Many states have approved it for medical use in the past decade.  Today the spark was started in the Delaware Valley by Philly NORML who organized today’s rally on Independence Mall in the shadow of the Liberty Bell.   Stoners of all ages, races and creeds showed up to rally their support for cannabis and at, you guessed it, 4:20pm everyone there pulled out a J, lit it, and enjoyed those Marley’s.   A dozen or so Police and a dozen or so Park Rangers watched at a distance and let the gathering smoke away.

We won’t go into all the details, the signs say it all along with info at Philly NORML’s website, but here at Your Daily Cheesesteak we say “legalize it, tax it and regulate it”.  It’s so ridiculously overdue.

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Running on alcohol, again.

You’ve all probably have heard of the Running of the Bulls, an annual event in Spain were daring individuals try to stay ahead of stampeding bulls running down narrow streets.  Well here in Philly we try and do it one notch better, have you heard of the Running of the Santas?  No?  Well just in case you missed this gem of a cultural event, below is a gallery.  Every variety of Santas possible runs from Finnegan’s Wake on Sporing Garden to Festival Pier on Delaware ave.

More Info Here: Running of the Santas 2012


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Tiberino Costume Party 2012

Cool people, great costumes and the usual good time at The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum

All photos by Lori Foxworth and Paul Gentile

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