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Kensington or the end of the world?

For many of you May 21, 2011 is a very significant day and you’ll probably be preparing for Jesus and the end of the world.  More than likely you’ll be in your individual chosen spot to receive rapture and won’t have much else planned.  Anyone know if there was a time of day given?

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Anyway,  if that doesn’t do it for you or it doesn’t pan out and you’re looking for something else to do we recommend the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby (KKSD), a design competition/parade of human powered vehicle floats and the Trenton Ave Arts Festival.

Here are our shots from 2010:

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Pier 18

Coal Depot Entrance We took a quick 30 min walk out on the old Richmond Coal Wharves Pier 18 yesterday.  Would have liked to have stayed longer, but another appointment and business gave us limited time.  Another visit soon is a must.

“On the river at the line of East Huntingdon Street
A last vestige of the once-great Richmond Coal Wharves, Pier 18 is noted by boaters and shore-strollers for its elevated rail line, which ends in a up-turned hook like an elf shoe or ski jump.
Extending 875 feet into the river, Pier 18 carries two railroad tracks and was used for the loading of coal and ore. As recently as 1968, the pier sprouted a six-story steel tower called a McMyler side car dumper, which appears to have been demolished.
The now-defunct Richmond Coal Wharves, developed primarily by the Reading Railroad, encompass a mile of shoreline and 12 abandoned piers. It was once the primary terminal for Pennsylvania’s vast coal output.
In 1981, a Historic Resource Protection Plan by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission described elements of the Richmond Coal Wharves site as candidates for historic status, including piers like Pier 18.”


South Street Bridge Reopening

Nutter addresses the crowd

South Street Bridge had it’s reopening this past Saturday, Nov. 6th 2010.  Mayor Nutter, Chaka Fattah, Anna Verna, Terry Gillian, Jannie Blackwell attended as well as other politicians, city dept. managers, bridge dignitaries and several hundred people from the neighborhood.  Sidewalks are nice and wide, bike lanes in both directions, pedestrian friendlier lights and crosswalks, improved lighting at night.  South Street Bridge is good for another 100 years.

Bridge View

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