Reading Viaduct Redux

_DSC6989bIt’s been a busy several months over this past winter.  More and more shoots popping up, each requesting some type of dramatic backdrop.  So Lori and I headed out on Saturday to scope out some choice spots, shoot them and then get photos back to models and others to sift out what places worked for who.   Our list included three sites, the Richmond Coal Wharves at Pier 18, the Reading Viaduct and the so called Reading Tunnel.

This was our third time to the Viaduct. Since we were here last the tracks have been removed and the ties are in piles.  Most of the overgrowth has been  cut back and the tree uprooted.   Still this is one of the most dramatic unknown spots in Philadelphia, with fantastic views of Center City and the surrounding urban landscape.  For more info on the Viaduct check out this website.

This site really appealed to us, but the model and choreographer/costume designer chose the Reading Tunnel.  Which worked out just freakin’ fine, so check out our photos from the Reading Tunnel with Courtney Lepresi and Gunner Montana.

Reading Viaduct Gallery:

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Pensylvania Burlesque Festival 2013

From the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival Website:


AND NOW! Gear up for the 2013 PA Burlesque Festival. We rock Philadelphia on March 8 and 9 at the historic Plays and Players Theatre with “FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT” and “THE BIG REVEAL.”

TICKETS are on sale NOW for both shows. Order them HERE and don’t wait! Our last show was 100% sold out!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2013 PA Burlesque Festival has pledged to donate a portion of its proceeds to Habitat for Humanity’s Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund.

Through an online fundraising campaign, we are asking our fans to help us cover our $3,000.00 in performer hotel expenses so that we, in turn, can donate that same amount or more from our ticket proceeds. We are also accepting non-perishable food donations at both shows, to be collected by the New Jersey FoodBank. Please consider helping us meet our fundraising goal by donating through the link below. There are great perks involved, including front section tickets to both shows!



Deanna Danger won the Crystal Corset Award for 2012, and we’re proud to announce that she will headline the PABF’s “FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT” on March 8. Deanna will also sit upon our panel of Judges for “THE BIG REVEAL” on March 9.

Deanna has a classically trained dance background, reaching all the way back to 3 years of age. She learned ballet from students of Martha Graham, tap from former Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and musical theater from original Broadway cast members of “Cats” and the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

Her sometimes dangerous, always crowd-pleasing performances have graced stages from her home, Richmond, Virginia, up and down the east coast to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Tennessee, and North & South Carolina. She has performed all over Richmond and with many of the east coast’s best acts & troupes including, Wasabassco Burlesque out of NYC, Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey, and Angie Pontani & the World Famous Pontani Sisters. She was also chosen to perform in the 2010 New York Burlesque Festival as well as the 2011 Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival, Charleston Burlesque Festival, and Asheville Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival.


Burlesque legend Penny Starr Sr. arrives for a special performance in “FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT” and willjudge “THE BIG REVEAL!

Tiberino Murals at the Municipal Services Building

Gabe Tiberino murals at the  Municipal Services Building

Gabe Tiberino murals at the Municipal Services Building

We found ourselves over by City Hall for the first time in a while,  we were passing through Love Park when we noticed artists Gabe and Joe Tiberino’s series of murals on the exterior wall of the Municipal Services Building.  We wanted to get over here when Gabe and Joe were still working on them but never made it.  Fantastic addition to the area and definitely Tiberino work, but how many faces can you recgonize in them?

Gabe Tiberino Murals at the Municipal Services Building

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Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2013

This is the 15th year of the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention and the second year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The available artist’s booths are already sold out. More tattoo celebs this year as well as artists and entertainment. If you live in Philly and you’re into ink and other body art, this is a must do event.

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2013

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Beyond Ghosts at ESP

dsc5360bThere are few places creepier, colder than Eastern State Penitentiary. But shooting with Lily Cheshire the place warmed up quite a bit.  Meghan Cox was the MUA.

Mummers Parade 2013


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Satire on Broad St – 2013 Mummers Parade


Once again those Two Street brigades celebrating the Roman Festival of Saturnalias will march up Broad St to strut their stuff for the masses on their way to city hall and the judging area.  They start from locations deep in South Philly.  Starting starts at 10:00am.

Photo Galleries from past Parades:

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Contact High

Washington and Colorado legalized it this past election cycle.  Many states have approved it for medical use in the past decade.  Today the spark was started in the Delaware Valley by Philly NORML who organized today’s rally on Independence Mall in the shadow of the Liberty Bell.   Stoners of all ages, races and creeds showed up to rally their support for cannabis and at, you guessed it, 4:20pm everyone there pulled out a J, lit it, and enjoyed those Marley’s.   A dozen or so Police and a dozen or so Park Rangers watched at a distance and let the gathering smoke away.

We won’t go into all the details, the signs say it all along with info at Philly NORML’s website, but here at Your Daily Cheesesteak we say “legalize it, tax it and regulate it”.  It’s so ridiculously overdue.

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Running on alcohol, again.

You’ve all probably have heard of the Running of the Bulls, an annual event in Spain were daring individuals try to stay ahead of stampeding bulls running down narrow streets.  Well here in Philly we try and do it one notch better, have you heard of the Running of the Santas?  No?  Well just in case you missed this gem of a cultural event, below is a gallery.  Every variety of Santas possible runs from Finnegan’s Wake on Sporing Garden to Festival Pier on Delaware ave.

More Info Here: Running of the Santas 2012


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Tiberino Costume Party 2012

Cool people, great costumes and the usual good time at The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum

All photos by Lori Foxworth and Paul Gentile

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