What is there to say about subways?  They’re not clean.  They’re not always safe.  They are a fixture for most of us in urban life.  In Manhattan there is no better way to get across the island in my opinion.  But it’s a tough choice, do I sit in a cab in traffic while the meter keeps adding up and have a few meters of space to myself or do I cram in like sardines for some change and ride the subway?  In Philly it’s a tougher choice, the underground doesn’t reach the whole city, buses and trollies fill the void.  Getting around Philly via cab is a little easier but it seems a little more expensive than NYC.

But none of that is what draws us to subways, it’s the grit, the architecture, the lighting, the vanishing points, it’s a product of the industrial age, and despite all this it’s mostly the people.  People.  Every shape, size and color.  Most normal or at least semi-normal but just enough nuts thrown in to make things interesting.  People and industrial age subterranean transportation, I’ll take it over highways any day.


All photos by Lori Foxworth and Paul Gentile.

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