The Gate Reopened

Passing the surreal view under the Ben Franklin Bridge along Delaware Ave,  we sidestepped the Race St Pier and let the blue glow emanating from Pier 9 draw us in.   This is where we found a gritty demonstration of strength, acrobatics and grace meeting a post industrial decay warehouse world with a steel cage as a center stage.   Running deep from within the warehouse, along old tracks ahead of an imaginary locomotive, performers then leaped, crawled and bounced, in and out of the steel cage.   The cage was adorned with external ladders, which performers exploited before bouncing within and sticking to the fencing exterior in turn leaping and changing position via the trampoline floor.   Ladders, scaffolding, fencing, warehouse, industrial decay all work for this performance.

Brian Sander’s Junk is a company of performers who excel not only at dance, but also acrobatics and strength in way not often seen in modern dance.  The choreography, which is at time dizzyingly fast and furious, with strobe lights and heart thumping music, also runs the gamut of movement with bodies able to move gravity defyingly slow.  This is a true ensemble piece, in which all of the performers move seamlessly in a way which strips them of their individuality in a pulsing, throbbing mass of seamless movement.  Mr Sander’s has managed to tell the stories of love, birth, death in a way that will leave your jaw on the floor before your brain can catch up to what your eyes have just witnessed.  The lighting is stunning.  The music is loud.  The dancers are inspiring.  In The Gate Reopened, Brian Sanders has outdone himself and the modern dance community.   A must see this Fringe season!

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