Skating City Hall

Name:  Randy Hamilton and Nick Lalk

Randy:  I’m 17 years old

Nick:  I’m 15 years old

Randy:  I actually work in a deli, I’m a fry cook, I make cheesesteaks, all that.

Nick: I’m currently a sophomore at Eastern High School, no job

What’s the first piece of technology that you fell in love with?

Randy:  My skateboard.  Ever since I was a little I looked at pro skaters I just always wanted to skate.  It’s just something you live.  You’re so much apart from mainstream sports like football and baseball, but this is our life and we just gotta live it.  That’s what we do.  I started at the beginning of my 6th grade year, and I’m a senior in high school right now.  I skated here in Philly, New Jersey, all over the place even in Florida.  I skate every chance I get.  I mean, I work full time, but I also go to school and all that, and I still skate every chance I get even if I’m physically exhausted.  My first deck was a Darkstar deck.  I remember it distinctly.  I went to a skatepark in the mall and they had decks for sale and my dad just bought one.

Nick:  It was definitely my skate board.  It just takes your mind off everything and you don’t focus on anything besides it.  I’ve been skating since I was 3, but I started doing bigger stuff when I was in the 8th grade, around 13 years old.  I always looked up to professional skaters, and I just wanted to get better with it.  I skate every chance I get, when I’m not in school.  First skateboard was an Elements skateboard deck, I don’t know ever since then I’ve moved onto other decks, and I’ve broken a lot.… around 30.   I wasn’t good right away.  I was around the 8th grade when I started getting good.

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