Philly’s High Flying Teen

Meet Rose Bonjo.

Trapeze Artist, Circus Performer, Dancer, Costume Designer, Photographer

and High School Student.

The following photos are all self portraits, taken by Rose with her Nikon D60, an 18-55 lens with High definition 0.45x wide angle attachment, a tripod with 10 second timer on camera, and the agility of a cat.  Rose designs and makes her own costumes, does her own hair and makeup, all of her own post-processing, and still manages to find time to do her math homework.

Kind of makes your bathroom mirror selfies look a little silly now, dosen’t it?

Here’s a preview of the lovely Rose

or you can buy her costumes here

But to if you want to see her live, you must check out Carnivolution, an odd assortment of sideshow freaks, geeks, sword swallowers and more, at

The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum
Friday May 13 8pm $10
3819 Hamilton St.

Catch her before she flies away!

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