Monday Morning Rant

OK Monday mornings suck as it is, but this morning it sucked more than ever.  Already running late,  in my car, and not only did I get behind a garbage truck on Bainbridge this morning, but there was a second one on 22nd st at the same time, creating a 20 minute delay to go one block while two garbage trucks had two one way streets blocked.  At the same time I have my boss calling me, asking why am I not at work.  I can’t go anywhere, I have my boss heckling me, it’s cold as hell, the garbageman picks up a bag and it rips open spilling the contents.  So there’s another delay while they curse at it and then seem to shovel it up in slow motion.

I don’t know who does the scheduling for trash pick-up, but blocking crossing one-way streets at rush hour is not in anyway tax payer friendly.

I know mild in the scale of annoyances, but still didn’t help my Monday morning.


  1. you are good. write more

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